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nea nea bo-bea
mildly euphoriant
2nd-May-2006 07:50 pm
everyone's favorite!!
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Anyhoo,everyone has given up on livejournal it seems. myself included. There's just nothing to tell. Who wants to hear me blab on and on about how freaking lonely I am, I don't even want to read it!! So I am now up in Painesville living with my buddy Brandi who barely ever stays at our apartment, she's in Chardon a good amount of the time. If I had a fucking dude, I would be there all the time too!! so I forgive her. whatev... this sucks... Erin, if you ever read this, how are you??? I miss the heck out of you!! same address? please respond!!
see this is what I am talking about, no one will read it..
3rd-May-2006 07:07 pm (UTC)
Yeah people never read mine anymore either.
16th-May-2006 08:25 pm (UTC)
I posted this on the second of may and never even saw it until now, i thought it was lost in the crappiness of my internet connection
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