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19th-Dec-2005 04:15 pm(no subject)
Oh boy do I suck! I haven't updated this in forever!
So, currently boredom is the only thing that has kept me alive. oh, that and coffee. Everything costs too much, more than the $50/ week that selling my plasma affords me. I smoked two cigs yesterday and none today, not by choice. I did not quit, I am just too broke to buy two of my most favorite things: pot and cigarettes! Oh God Why??? I'm trying to get a job at speedway working midnights right now, I don't know how that's going. I realized a few days after the interview that I didn't complete the application, What the Fuck is my deal?? really... Anyhoo, my friendship with Keith is almost back to normal, i.e. before there was any inter-genital contact and coitus related activities. So, Mucho fabuloso! all the way!!!
In other news, I am completely sick of school and wish to take a break from it for a while, like move to florida for a couple months, but then what happens? that's right! I have to start paying back my student loans I have amassed because of my awful grades that have put me on academic probation and placed a hold on my government aid! HOORAY!!!! I must be the luckiest fucking girl in the entire fucking world!!!! At least I can make a kick ass Mix CD!! Maybe my life isn't really all that pointless!
30th-Nov-2005 02:18 pm(no subject)
I am absolutely terrible at updating this thing. I am bearly ever online anymore, boo-hoo... I got Weasley's letter today!! Crazy amounts of excitement followed. I'm in the rec center with Lauren because we're about to go work out. Time to trim those triceps!
Another notable event, I quit smoking!!! I am just soo gosh darned thrilled with myself! Well, until later kids!
I have to say, shit really stinks right now. I can't remember the last time I was this depressed. I just can't get rid of these fucking weak and girlie emotions, I'm making myself sick. I can feel the acid in my stomach churning the dissenting emotions, it's fucking despicable. I thought we could go right back to being buddy-buddy (look at my mad alliterative skillz) but whenever I'm around him, all I can think about is the way he used to hold and kiss me. How could this mean nothing to him? Is it just my stupidity or my lack of real-world relationships that have just gone and made me delusional again? I mean, wtf? I never thought I'd write that, "delusional again." You'd think once would be enough to straighten me out.
I'm sick of thinking about it and worrying about it and crying about it. This is so fucking completely pointless.
Oh, and I also saw "Scooby" at Biolife last week with her "chewbacca" boyfriend, it's some funny shit. I never made eye contact with her.
One more thing before I go, my car broke down, isn't that hot shit..
14th-Nov-2005 04:53 pm(no subject)
Well, i haven't been around here much, and i really don't even feel like giving an update. Things have been pretty blah, I have been dumped and am now trying to rebuild a friendship with him, shouldn't be too hard.. just letting you know that I'm alive, in case you were curious.
22nd-Oct-2005 09:53 am(no subject)
Oh yessums!!! I found a nice little site with some more of Mr. Burton's poetry! SCORE!!
9th-Oct-2005 01:32 pm - urgent message
Hello friends,
I feel that it is my duty to inform as many people as possible of the great truth that is Flying Spaghetti Monsterism. I have been touched by His noodly appendage and it is His wish that everyone can experience the overwhelming spirituality presented in His semolina-based form.
I invite you to CLICK HERE and learn more about his noodly plans for us. Did you know that global warming is directly influenced by the number of pirates that are here on earth? Basically, the less pirates there are, the higher the atmospheric temperatures go. How do we stop this unfortunate decline? By becoming pirates of course!
For the safety of our planet, I hope you repent quickly and spread the truth to as many people as you can.
Pastafarian, Linnea Gunvalsen
6th-Oct-2005 07:48 pm(no subject)
oh yes.. Today was one of those "awesome beyond all good" days. I am just too content right now. I think this overwelming feeling started yesterday when I finally let myself cry, it felt so good!!! I just let it come down and didn't slap myself once! I was fucking laughing because I needed to do it so badly! Goddamn hormones... The night before last, I went to Keith's and experienced a well needed jam. He is so fucking hot when he's playing the drums, I nearly creamed the panties, he's like fuckin' Campbell's soup, "Mm, Mm, Good!!"
Anyhoo, I decided to give it a bit of a rest, wait for his call. I don't think he takes our "thing" seriously. I am way too self conscious!! So I went out with scuzzlebutt and the sweaterrr to Clear Creek Metro Park today; fucking fantastic!!! Out there, all by myself, surrounded by prairie, with scuzzlebutt in hand; fucking magical.. I smoked two bowls and strolled around.. At one parking/picnic area I saw a couple and their dog, and the dude was carrying a guitar. After I walked this half-an-hour loop, I came back to the parking area and heard the woman singing while the man played guitar, I stayed out of sight for a while until I realized that I had to pee, very nice facilities at clear creek it can be noted.. And now I am here writing this and probably about to take another walk with teh scuzzlebutt.
until then, "odds are you'll have fun!!"
27th-Sep-2005 10:25 pm - follow the leader
1. What's the first word that comes to mind when you think of me?
2. Go to "Google Images" and search for that word.

3. Reply to this post with one of the pictures on the first page of results (and it's my job to try and guess what the word was, so no telling!)

4. Put this in your own blog so that I can do the same.

(Because sooo many people read this) (ha)
27th-Sep-2005 09:54 pm(no subject)
Da shit hit the fan last night. Keith finally admitted to having a "more than friends" sort of relationship with his roommate (extremely BAD idea, by the way) and apparently broke things of with her just to come sailing back to me. It's soo fucking complex, I don't even want to get into it very much, all I know is that it makes me tired thinking about it. He didn't have sex with her.. whoop-dee-doo.. but that's because she has a FUCKING STD!! Mucho Gross! Anyhoo, she's a big dumb psycho who actually punched Keith because he wouldn't give her any more beer last night. Get me the fuck out of here!
Nice Ending:
She's moving out

(these are the cries of joy from the villagers on several Caribbean islands)

(shave your legs you stupid-ass hippie retard!!!)

Thank You and Goodnight,
25th-Sep-2005 08:57 am(no subject)
Ahh.. SATDAYS.. Yesterday was fucking unbelievable! I cleaned my room so now it looks all beauty-fied but still kinda stinks. I wasn't planning on going out but I gave Lisa a ring and she was finally back in Nelsonville, so I took a quick jaunt nelsontucky way. I met her roommate who was on acid and who left shortly to go hiking in the woods with friends. We hung out for a while, reminisced, smoked some herb.. ya know.. Anyhoo, I left a message on my machine to call her phone if anyone needed to reach me (i.e. Keith), so guess who calls lookin' for me, da one and only. Well, I ended up driving up to Athens and staying up all night with Keith. so I guess we're "official lovers" again.. whatever.. no regrets..
Well I'm off to Athens again, yippee.. I am pretty happy right now, he is soo fucking unbelievably sensual, and I love that shit, every moment of it!!
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